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    Acceptable Use Polilcy

    Pixel Canopy seeks to serve businesses and individuals that uphold ethical and fair business practices. Pixel Canopy reserves the right to refuse service to customers who do not hold themselves to these standards.

    Customers deemed to have violated our policy (by committing any of the acts outlined below) may have their sites suspended without notice and without any refunds. By using our services, you also agree to hold us harmless for any legal actions taken against you, your business, and/or the contents of your website.

    Examples of unacceptable uses of Pixel Canopy’s services:

    1. Retailing illicit or stolen goods, including intellectual property
    2. Offering illicit services
    3. Exhibiting or distributing illicit content
    4. Misleading or deceiving site visitors to cause harm to those visitors
    5. Using our email servers to send unsolicited emails
    6. Breaking the law in any way
    7. Violating our Terms of Service

    Please report any instances of abuse to

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